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What these awesome people have to say!

8th Jan 2021

My learning experience with Rose Training has exceeded expectations. The course content is structured, clear and practically useful. The teachers are excellent, well informed and responsive.
25th Dec 2020

Nephi Reilly is not only a professional and pleasant instructor, his personality encourages you to want to learn. Thank you Nephi! The JP course through Rose Training Australia was an experience that i recommend all those who wishes to become a JP and assist in serving the local community. It is a small price to pay, but you'll be able to give so much back to the local and QLD community. I have already recommended several friends and family to Rose Training Australia, and will continue to do so, when the topic of becoming a JP comes up in conversation. Thank you again Rose Training Australia, I hope to make you proud!
23rd Dec 2020

Nephi, our trainer, delivered an excellent course in an adult learning atmosphere combined with an evident depth of knowledge from real-world experiences. The trainer was patient with students guiding them in a professional approach with problem-solving issues that presented throughout this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who desires to become a Justice of the peace Qualified or based on this course delivery any other study Rose Training may deliver.
23rd Dec 2020

Was a very supportive and engaging learning environment
22nd Dec 2020

Easy to follow instructions and informative, concise and direct information pertaining to the content and course.
19th Dec 2020

I enjoyed the organisation of the online portal and really appreciated how quickly everything was marked, so I was able to continue on with the process knowing what I had done was correct. Or being able to correct it as I went. Thank you, this was a very enjoyable learning experience.
18th Dec 2020

Thank you Nephi for all your help. When I did my JP course in SA it had nothing on the Qld course, and I can understand why. As a registered JP in SA we did not have near as many responsibilities as here in Qld, so once again Nephi thank you for all your help. Studying online is not as easy as people think especially when getting up to my age lol.
17th Dec 2020

Jean and Mark have been a really great support. I feel very informed about everything I need to know, and very comfortable continuing on independently knowing I have been given a really good head start with my training.
15th Dec 2020

This was a course that was easy to navigate. It occasionally felt a little long and drawn out but in hindsight was preparation for the big wide world of Celebrantcy.
15th Dec 2020

One of the most enjoyable courses that I have completed. When you like the content and you understand it....you just enjoy the learning journey more and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
14th Dec 2020

Jean Cook is delightful in every way- an excellent teacher, so well-versed in every aspect of conducting funerals, and a warm compassionate responsive person as well! She was also very open to questions and answered everything with great detail and sensitivity. She is exactly the person I would like at my/my loved one's funeral Thankyou Jean
11th Dec 2020

I have found the course very interesting. I feel quite confident now in my skills to perform as a celebrant. I enjoyed working with Kaye, my trainer. She has been very patient and helpful throughout the entire process.