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What these awesome people have to say!

28th Jul 2021

Loved it!!
27th Jul 2021

The course was very comprehensive. I feel like I have received an excellent preparation for my role as a Marriage Celebrant. Help was always available and marking was swift with helpful feedback. I would thoroughly recommend Rose Training.
21st Jul 2021

Really easy system and great support from the staff.
19th Jul 2021

I would like to thank Rose training for giving me the support and opportunity to study and complete my attainment for JP ( QUAL). I would like to make a special thank you to my trainer - Delphi who's help was most valuable and timely and always professional and friendly from the start which enabled me to complete my JP course in a timely efficient manner. Also, a special thank you to Jessica for all her kind help. Des Keane
16th Jul 2021

- Rose Training Australia has been a great RTO to utilise for online learning. The student resources are incredibly detailed and easy to understand. It made my learning experience very easy to understand and I felt confident with my self directed learning. - The trainers were communicative and provided timely and detailed feedback for each assessment. - The student online portal was one of the easiest online systems I have used. It made planning and completing my course very easy to access and to keep track of my progress. - Mark Burgess was a great support via email when I required any guidance or clarity from a student services point of view. - I would recommend Rose Training Australia to anyone considering undertaking their Certificate IV in Celebrancy as they are an incredibly approachable and highly detailed in their approach to supporting their students and adhering to their legal requirements in proving the competency of their students.
30th Jun 2021

Evident to see this instructional cluster caters to all levels of knowledge with technology and interface experience. So far It has been informative.
28th Jun 2021

I have really enjoyed this course and especially enjoyed the weeks face to face (via Zoom) training at the start. It's definitely worth paying the little bit extra for that weeks training, very valuable information is shared during that time. I found the course relatively easy to work through at my own pace. I required very little contact with teachers but when I did need to contact them, it was a quick turnaround time. The materials were great and easy to understand.
25th Jun 2021

Thank you so much. I found this course quite enjoyable and informative. It was well presented and the assignments were of great learning value. Marking was prompt and informative.
25th Jun 2021

The online learning with our tutor was excellent - really enjoyable and well worth signing up for. Loved it! The coursework was very thorough and the learning support materials were excellent. It was easy to get help and support. Highly recommended!
17th Jun 2021

Really brilliant bunch of teachers and students - hard to find an improvement
9th Jun 2021

The system used for the course was easy to use and easy to see where you're up to!
1st Jun 2021

I loved this course. I feel like I have learnt so much in the last 6 months. The trainers were incredible to deal with and so thorough. I am so glad I picked Rose Training.