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What these awesome people have to say!

17th Jun 2021

Really brilliant bunch of teachers and students - hard to find an improvement
9th Jun 2021

The system used for the course was easy to use and easy to see where you're up to!
1st Jun 2021

I loved this course. I feel like I have learnt so much in the last 6 months. The trainers were incredible to deal with and so thorough. I am so glad I picked Rose Training.
21st May 2021

Excellent subject matter. Course very easy to follow. Supports and communications are excellent from trainer and organisation.
20th May 2021

Thank you, this was a positive and absorbing experience. Nephi was an inspiring trainer who removed the stress from learning and turned it into an enjoyable experience. The small class made the undertaking of absorbing information enjoyable as everyone worked to acquire knowledge. Thank you to all the amazing people I met.
18th May 2021

I cannot recommend Rose Training enough - I enrolled for the JP(Qual) course (online version) and due to other commitments was quickly approaching my course expiry date and had almost given up hope of completing the course. I was surprised by an email offering me a massive discount to finish my course in a 2-day Zoom session with other participants and am so glad I choose to take the offer up. I have been enrolled in and completed many courses and never have I been so blown away by a trainer as I was with the trainer of the JP(Qual) course. I was exhausted going into the session from working a long night shift, but the trainer kept me engaged and wanting to learn more (without even knowing my circumstance at the time). My enthusiasm was mirrored within the entire group, with everyone equally engaged due to the amazing trainer. What seemed like a daunting course initially (when I saw the resources) became a piece of cake and I left for so much knowledge and I was almost tearful having to say goodbye to everyone. AMAZING JOB Rose Training!!!
13th May 2021

The course was informative and educational. The support on line is exceptional. Thank you Rose Training Australia. :)
10th May 2021

I am so happy to be feeling the growth and confidence I feel in myself having now completed this course. It has pushed me right out my comfort zone and its been a challenging at times but amazingly I have loved each step. Onwards and Upwards for me. Thank you to everyone at Rose Training, and to all who have supported me on this journey so far, for opening this next page for me to be able to write my next chapter, thank you Yolanda Baty
10th May 2021

Excellent communication and quick to answer questions.
10th May 2021

The course was wonderful - super easy to understand and structured very well, especially for an entirely online course.
9th May 2021

I loved it
8th May 2021

A very good course.