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What these awesome people have to say!

6th Dec 2021

Wow, huge amount of information. Well structured and easy to follow, definitely a lot to understand, more than anticipated. I am so excited though, so quite sure I will be working hard to make my way through it as the outcome will be so worth it. Great to know of the easy to access support, as we're bound to have questions throughout. Thanks already for the quick responses to emails and queries, very impressed.
6th Dec 2021

I have really enjoyed my learning experience with Rose Training. The tasks have been marked very quickly by Kaye. Mark is an excellent Student Support person - always willing to provide help and advice.
2nd Dec 2021

This was the most interesting course I ever had, very informative and mind refreshing. Getting to know the marriage law, rules and application
2nd Dec 2021

That was one of the most interesting courses I ever had , very informative and mind refreshing concerning marriage law and rules and application
2nd Dec 2021

The course was very interesting. It covered everything that you need to know to feel confident to provide a quality service to others. The instructor was knowledgeable and informed and kept the materials interesting and easy to understand. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get started with Funeral Celebrancy.
27th Nov 2021

Thank you, Nephi for your patience. I have thoroughly enjoyed your feedback. apart from the electronic headaches, this has been a great experience, I will probably continue to do other courses. Now that I know, I have to take notes as I go and print out all the work, to have it at hand.
24th Nov 2021

I think the learning experience with Rose Training has been excellent, from the initial contact when I was researching the course, through the registration process and whilst I was completing the course.
18th Nov 2021

Absolutely brilliant trainer 10/10 it says 5 but I say 10. Nefi was wonderful and very very patient with a couple of the students, my hats off to him. Thank you for the training.
17th Nov 2021

I'm very impressed with the programme and how it is so skills based. Lots of repletion so that the learning sticks. It's a lot of work but as Ive moved through it, I see the rationale for the teaching and the practices. Very impressive indeed.
15th Nov 2021

Amazing experience
12th Nov 2021

This is a great course, much more work to it than I could ever have imagined but worth it in the end! I've learnt a lot and feel accomplished due to the work and engagement involved to get it done.
9th Nov 2021

I really enjoyed the Zoom class. Jean was very generous with her knowledge and time. I loved listening to her stories and advise.