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What these awesome people have to say!

10th Apr 2021

I didn't know a great deal about what was involved in becoming a celebrant, but this course has been one i have thoroughly enjoyed. From start to finish!
9th Apr 2021

The teacher was amazing delivering this course and all other help was appreciated. Very interesting content and I got to learn so much. Thankyou ?
15th Mar 2021

I have no hesitation to recommend Rose Training. I enjoyed the online learning and ‘Zoom interactive live-training’ and other colleagues from all around Australia with different perspectives and opinion’s. Jean, I found very professional, knowledgeable, honest and made training pleasurable. Mark, very helpful, throughout the whole process, efficient, reliable and was very nice to know if you had any problems, Mark was always there to assist. Trainers – quick, dedicated and always a high level of professionalism. The training is professional and inspiring and I would recommend it to anyone pursuing a career as a Celebrant.
11th Mar 2021

the Zoom meetings Monday to Friday were amazing introduction to the course. well designed and very informative. it was the right amount of interesting information required to keep you focused throughout the course. i would fully recommend it for all students.
11th Mar 2021

Great learning experience. I knew a bit about the role of the celebrant prior, but after the learnings, I realised I was only scratching the surface. I feel much more confident in the steps needed to be taken by the role of the celebrant and the participants to weddings. The experience was largely enjoyable to learn and enjoyable to complete.
10th Mar 2021

Really enjoyed the course especially the zoom days. It was hard on the emotions at times but I learned a lot.. Thankyou
10th Mar 2021

The instructions are very easy to follow and it is well set out.
1st Mar 2021

Precise and easy to understand and keep up with.
26th Feb 2021

I enjoyed learning online and having support from the trainers. I was able to go at my own pace.
15th Feb 2021

Very well put together and engaging course. Structured in such a way to encourage knowledge retention.
13th Feb 2021

so far really great. The program is simple to follow
12th Feb 2021

The documentation seem to be clear and valuable. Everything is relevant and current up to date and easily accessible. Excellent work.